When morning comes……

When morning comes…
As I thought about blogging this month, I had a few ideas and thoughts, Easter is right around the corner and thought how I do enjoy what this holiday means.  As I think about this holiday, there are so many emotions that go with this event.  

As Jesus was walking the earth at this time knowing that soon he would be put to death and rise again and yet he continued to minister to the people.  But how does one get beyond that when they are going through a tough time or the loss of a loved one.

I love the song by Guy Penrod called Then Came The Morning (you can check it out on http://www.youtube.com).  It is a song of hope for the future.  As we learn to live without our spouse, there are days when it seems impossible to look to the future.  However, the hope we have from the scriptures about seeing our love ones again, is what gives us hope.

One of the parables Jeses spoke of during this time was the parable of those putting money into the treasury at the Temple. This parable is found in Mark 12:41 – 44.  Jesus was sitting back and observing the crowd.  I am amazed how he noticed the poor widow and put in two small copper coins worth a fraction of a penny. He then called the disciples together and instead of making a big deal of the large amounts of money the rich were giving, he chose to speak of the widow.

This parable is not so much to me about the giving, but the hope that God gives us as widows.  He is looking out for us regardless of what we are in need of.  It’s not about what we do not have but the faith we have in Him that He will see us through no matter how little we may have.

As we walk day by day our journey which we travel, I pray you will find the peace and hope that Christ gives you to walk down this journey.  I realize the title of this blog is somewhat a play on words.  There is hope in the morning regarding our mourning.  There is hope! 

I have said many times that this isn’t the journey or club any of us ever wanted or thought we would have to travel.  However, I am thankful for those of you who have been there and continue to be there for those going down this path.  I’ve seen many of you go from not thinking you would ever smile again to helping a new widow grow and smile again. 

Blessings to each of you no matter how short or long your journey has been.   Remember God is with you even when you do not feel like He is.  

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My passion is helping widows live, heal, grow and in time thrive.

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