Guardian Angels – Are they for real?

Guardian Angels – Are they for real?

Do you ever wonder if you have a guardian angel? Do you ever feel like someone you have loved and lost is still part of your life?  I know this may sound weird to some people but it’s almost like we have our own guardian angel reminding us everything is going to be ok.  Things may and will change in our lives along the way.

As I was thinking about writing this blog, there have been conversations over the years when people have felt strongly about this.   The story closest to my heart is with my kids.   My kids were sitting outside on our patio late at night reflecting on the events of the last couple of days.  Our patio had been the place their dad had his heart attack and sitting outside that night, they felt close to him. 

The next morning we chatted about the events that had happened and I remember thinking I was glad that they were out on the patio and I was afraid they would never go out there again.  They had told me they were just talking about their memories of their dad when a bright shooting star went across the sky.  To them, it was a sign that their dad was and would be their guardian angel.  I remember thinking, I like that idea but I had not given much thought to it.

At first I thought to myself if that makes them feel better, I’m all for it.  However, as time passed, I began to wonder if there is something about our loved ones keeping an eye out so to speak on us when we are trying to make a decision or just thinking about them.

Over the years, this topic has come up in many conversations.  A friend of mine who lost her son several years ago, had frequent encounters with dragon flies as her son loved dragon flies as a child.  Another friend who had lost her parents and husband feathers would come out of nowhere.  Beautiful feathers that her dad and husband loved.  Others have mentioned that their loved ones loved red cardinals or monarch butterflies.   When they were feeling sad or missed their loved ones, all of the sudden one of these would appear.

When reading about guardian angles, I came across this scripture – Psalms 91:11 (ESV) which reads: For He will give His angles charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways.  God surrounds us with a host of angles to protect us and go before us.  With that being said, we are not to be preoccupied with them or worship them.  Only God is worthy of our worship. 

There have been times when I have had to make big decisions or I was just second guessing myself and thinking I wish I still had Dan to bounce things off of.  God has never failed me during any this time.  I know He is watching out for me.  Did or do I think Dan is my guardian angel – perhaps.

For me there hasn’t been a sign of anything in particular like a butterfly, a bird, a shooting star or a dragonfly but I have felt I have had a guardian angel watching over me.  Perhaps these little signs are our guardian angels.  Our paths may be similar but each of us has a slightly different path and it’s ok. 

May you feels God’s arms wrapped around you and know that He is will be with you always!  

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My passion is helping widows live, heal, grow and in time thrive.

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