Where there is loss or fear – there is hope!

Where there is loss or fear – there is hope!

When you think of what you are afraid of, what comes to mind?  For me, one of my greatest fears is the fear of height.  If driving up a mountain, I certainly do not want to be on the right side of the vehicle and look over the edge.  However, there are other things more relevant such as the fear of losing a job, financial loss, or the loss of a loved one.  How often as a child, none of these even enter our minds as we think we are going to live happily ever after.  Unfortunately, life often does not live happy ever after.  Things happen and we need to learn how to cope with the changes in our lives.  

Often times, the changes end up being a good thing.  My husband was in the military and our first move was to St. Louis, Missouri.  We were both ready for a change and the change was good for us.  After spending three years there, it was time for us to relocate.  At this point, I was apprehensive as our next move would depend on where there were openings.  Our children by this time were in junior and senior high school and were concerned we would end up living in the boonies so to speak (I don’t remember where they thought the boonies were.).  Because of my husband’s job, we were able to wait a bit to see if there was a position back in the Minneapolis, MN area.  And there was.  Fortunately we were able to move back in the vicinity of where we lived prior to moving three years before.  The plus was our kids were able to go back to the schools which their friends were now at.

I share this story as there were many feelings of fear of the unknown but also the hope we had in Christ of know He would take care of us – and He did.

The one fear I didn’t think I would have to face at a young age was the fear of losing my husband.  He was only 47 and I was 46. His death had nothing to do with being in the military as he had a heart attack on our patio.  It was so sudden and such a shock.  With being in the military, we had our wills up to date and we both knew that if something would happen to either of us, we knew where our paper work was to handle such a situation.

Having your paper work in order is a good thing but the fear of losing my spouse threw me for a loop.  There were so many questions!  Dreams were shattered!  How does one go from being a couple to being on there own!  It’s amazing how I thought my life was in order and in the drop of a pin, it totally changed.  What if I made the wrong decision regarding things such as my job, house or what to do next?  One of the scriptures that help carry me through was:  Psalms 46:5 – God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.

Regardless if you have lost a spouse, job or financial ruin, one of the hardest things to do is just put one foot in front of the other.  It’s the little steps we take each day.  There are days when it is difficult to just get out of bed let alone decide what you will do for the day.  Often just taking the garbage out is a big deal. 

Just a couple of thoughts about fear:
  •   Try not to let the pain of fear make you a victim of fear.
  •   Try not to let fear stop you from moving forward with life

With God’s help, we do have hope.  For me, I have had other things go on in my life that I saw God’s direction and knew it was He who helped me get through my fears.  One of God’s promises is from Psalm 147:11 which reads:  The Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love.  When we live by faith with hope in God and not be fear it’s amazing how things in our lives work out. 

Blessings to each of you as you walk this journey.  Remember God is with you each step of the way – one step at a time!

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My passion is helping widows live, heal, grow and in time thrive.

2 thoughts on “Where there is loss or fear – there is hope!

  1. I believe our greatest fear is fear of the unknown. It can paralyze you to the point of turning inward away from friends, family and God when we most need them. I know that for me a week after the loss of my wife. The jolt I needed to face my fears came from God through a very small messenger, my 5 year old granddaughter. She had insisted that she come visit me for a few days. One morning as we looked in vain for her coloring box I kept lamenting that I did not know where Grandma had put it, not the first thing I could not find something without her. I must have said I don't know where Grandma put them more then a few times, because at one point my granddaughter turned to me with her hands on her hips and said \”Well we can't ask Grandma now can we\” Out of the mouth of babes came my epiphany. She was so right I needed to face my new life with all it's fears of the unknown. It became very clear to me that I needed to trust in God and I would be okay.


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