New to Widowhood? Start Here.

A Note from Naomi

Hello and welcome to my blog.    My name is Naomi and my life changed in August of 1996 while my husband Dan and I were sitting on our patio.  He was in the Military and had just come home from a two week training session.  As we were talking about what had gone on the past two weeks, we were also talking about plans for our 25th wedding anniversary.  As we were talking, he had a heart attack.  Our kids were 18, 20 and 22 at the time and our lives changed forever.  

Over the years I worked in the grocery business, bank and retail both for a major retail company and a retail rep firm.  Once I retired, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.   I was approached by The Widow Might Organization which is a non-profit which helps widows live, heal, grow and, in time, thrive.  This is a great organization which I am an advisor for.   

I discovered over the years; that this is where I am supposed to be to help others on this journey.  It is amazing to watch the healing process and to see them helping others on the same journey.

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