Changing Friendships….

When I reflect on the friendships I had when Dan died along with those I had met over the years, it seems they belong in categories.  Just thinking about this, it brings back good, bad and some sad memories.  However, I wanted to reflect on this as we need to take a look at thoseContinue reading Changing Friendships….

What’s my next step?

It seems we certainly remember going a lot of places when we were married with our spouse don’t, we?  Now that we are alone, in the beginning, it is just easier to stay home than go out alone.  There comes a time when we need to take that next step. Over time, we will beContinue reading “What’s my next step?”

Loving Yourself

As we learn to live our lives in a new role of being just one, we will learn how to love ourselves as one and not as a couple.  This sort of sounds harsh, doesn’t it?  Yet, the reality is, as we remember what we had as a couple, we may learn to live uniquelyContinue reading “Loving Yourself”

Bored – Sad – Happy

It seems that we are often bored and need to figure out how we are going to move forward.  Just remember it takes time and often we need to figure that out!  Each of us handles this a bit differently.  Being involved with a widow group helps us to work through this.   Job 8:21 reads:Continue reading “Bored – Sad – Happy”

Love – Guilt – Loss?

It seems with the holidays behind us, and spring around the corner (or let’s hope it is really around the corner), this time of year gives us time to reflect.  We reflect on the good times we have had and things we may be looking forward to.  What do you or I want to doContinue reading “Love – Guilt – Loss?”

All things new – really?

As we begin the new year of 2022, during the grieving process, it is really difficult to think of all things new for several reasons.  Each of us is different in how we handle things.  We are also at different stages of our grief.  Each year we think things will get better, but it certainlyContinue reading “All things new – really?”


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