What directs your choices in your journey in life?

It is so easy to let things like fear, difficulty and trouble in our lives to direct us on how we handle what we are going through.  We often think we are not going to make it through this journey.  Depending on how low we are, may depend on if we make it through orContinue reading “What directs your choices in your journey in life?”

What to expect of your new life?

Oh, how life seems to be changing since the beginning of Covid 19 from a couple of years ago! It seems like many lives have changed regardless if they have become widowed or not.  Life certainly changes a lot with becoming widowed and we seem to feel so alone!  With that been said, our livesContinue reading “What to expect of your new life?”

How has my identity changed me as a widow?

It doesn’t seem to take long after we become widowed to discover we have changed or others have noticed we have changed.  How can we not change?  I mean our life have been uprooted.  We were a couple, a pair, a duo and now we are one.  How can things not change!  Now we areContinue reading “How has my identity changed me as a widow?”

What to expect during the holidays!

Well folks– it’s that time of year already!   The time during good times, we look so forward to! We may have looked forward to the holiday with the traditions of the past or perhaps the new traditions we have decided to make.   Easier said than done on making changes, isn’t it?!   So much has happenedContinue reading “What to expect during the holidays!”

Missing love or to love again?

We certainly do miss our loved ones, don’t we!  But at what point do we consider dating again, or do we. If we do, are we disrespecting our late husband?   Oh, how times have changed………   It’s amazing what goes through our heads as we process widowhood and think about the future.  Each of us handlesContinue reading “Missing love or to love again?”