For me, with spring around the corner, there is always the anticipation of warmer weather coming soon.  There are many other things we tend to anticipate the first of each year.   But, how do we do this in a positive manner when we have lost someone close to us.  According to Webster Dictionary, there areContinue reading “ANTICIPATION OR EXPECTATIONS”

Encouragement During Difficult Times

  ENCOURAGEMENT DURING DIFFICULT TIMES In talking to many people, listening to the radio and TV, it is so easy to be lonely, discouraged or afraid.   We also tend to worry more about older friends, parents or the stress our children are going through especially if they have children they are helping with schooling atContinue reading “Encouragement During Difficult Times”

Perservance – Not always easy!

Oh to persevere……   I always think of it as accomplishing what I want to finish no matter what.   The Merriam Webster dictionary says perseverance means: continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition:the action or condition or an instance of persevering :  STEADFASTNESS What does perservance mean to you?  Can you look back andContinue reading “Perservance – Not always easy!”