Beautifully loved……..

Beautifully loved…….. When thinking back to the days you were dating, the sparkle in your eyes when you were sure this was Mr. Right!  And then wondering when he was going to ‘pop’ the question.  Then he finally did….  Everything about that time in our lives was exciting.  We felt loved!  We felt beautiful! TheContinue reading “Beautifully loved……..”

JUST IN TIME Written by Patsy Pearson

JUST IN TIME Written by Patsy Pearson All day long, I had been blinking back tears as I thought about Bob and how much I missed him. It had been more than six months since he passed away from complications of Parkinson’s disease, but some days the melancholy thoughts and songs just wouldn’t leave myContinue reading “JUST IN TIME Written by Patsy Pearson”